What Trees are Good to Plant Around Your House?

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Fall is the best time of year in Virginia to plant trees around your home. They can create four seasons of amazing curb appeal with their foliage and blooms. But in our many years of home insurance claims, we've seen our share of costly property damage from trees. The good news is that your home insurance can cover the cost of that damage. Check out the experience the Duvalls had with a mature tree at their Charlottesville home.    {%...

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How to Tell If Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

in insider, wind damage, homeowner tips, flooding, Virginia, winter, hurricane season, severe weather, home maintenance, fall, cold weather, What's the best kind of roof?, roof damage, does my roof need to be replaced?, Does home insurance cover roof damage?, Should I replace my roof? Sep 8, 2021

It’s your first line of defense. It covers and protects the foundation and bones of your house. It covers and protects your treasures within. And most importantly, it covers and protects your family.  Your ROOF. It needs to be right!

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7 Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

in basement flooding, basement flooding options, basement flooding solutions, how to stop basement flooding, what causes basement flooding, basement keeps flooding, basement flooding insurance, basement flooding prevention, landscaping to prevent basement flooding, how to prevent flooding from rain, home flooding solutions, prepare your property for flooding, basement flooding causes, how to prevent flooding in home Sep 3, 2021

Water is one of the biggest threats to your home. It's also a common cause of flooded basements and home insurance claims. Homeowners insurance can cover some water damage from things like burst pipes, appliance failures, accidental leaks, and storm damage. Inland flooding to basements from weather events like hurricanes is not covered by standard home insurance, but you can get a separate policy. Water damage from lack of maintenance is not...

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Hurricane and Home and Car Insurance FAQS

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Do you have a question about your insurance coverage or a claim related to hurricanes? While this article will provide some general answers to frequently asked questions, it's important to remember that every policy is different based on individual choices for coverage. If you have a question about your home insurance or car insurance coverage, call your independent agent or contact us. We're happy to assist you. We want to encourage everyone...

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Protecting My Identity: Does My Insurance Cover That?

in cyber security, cyber insurance, insurance claim, credit card fraud, identity theft, cybercrime, cyberbullying, identity theft protection Aug 25, 2021

A new report by the Aite group reflects a 42% increase in identity theft in 2020, jumping in losses of over $502 billion in 2019 to over $712 billion. The pandemic caused a shift in banking behaviors and, consequently, higher trends in new account fraud and account takeover fraud. Cyber thieves are getting smarter and faster at deceiving consumers, with identity theft at the top of the most reported forms of cybercrime.

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