4 New 2020 Driving Laws in Virginia

in safety tips, driving, Virginia, car insurance, local, distracted driving, speeding, laws, driving safety, money, reckless driving, driving record, speeding ticket, texting and driving, pedestrians, right-of-way, speed cameras Jun 29, 2020

Virginia Capitol by Ron Cogswell Each year, Virginia's General Assembly signs new bills into law that go into effect on July 1.  As we move towards legislation that bans handheld use of cell phones, there are also a few other new laws that will immediately affect daily life and driving around the commonwealth.

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How Do You Save Money on Insurance in Virginia?

in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, Virginia, severe weather, coverage, car insurance, home insurance, accident, roadside assistance, local agent, renters insurance, cyber insurance, insurance claim, money, discounts Jun 28, 2020

Switch and save? Not so fast! You actually don't need to switch insurance companies to save money when you can simply shop for discounts within your current policy. Here at NNINS, we couldn't agree more with rewarding our members with lower rates for things like good driving records and multiple policies in one household. We also love to help our members save money on the unique risks Virginians face. We get it because we're Virginians too!

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Should I Bundle my Home and Car Insurance?

in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, Virginia, coverage, car insurance, home insurance, local agent, home, penny pincher, money, discounts, save money Jun 26, 2020

Great question! If you’re paying for home insurance and car insurance, why not put both policies with one company and get a nice discount, right? Well, it's not always that simple. The answer depends on your individual situation. Ask yourself a few questions to see if bundling home and car insurance is the right move for you.

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4 Simple Ways To Protect Home While You're On Vacation

in insider, homeowner tips, report a claim, homeowners insurance, Virginia, claim, home maintenance, home insurance, home inventory, travel, summer, vacation, burglary, damage Jun 22, 2020

Summer is here. There's no doubt COVID-19 has disrupted vacation plans for many. As Virginia slowly reopens and we find safe ways to resume normal activities, everyone could probably use a break away from home! You may be thinking about a local trip right here in the commonwealth. Whether you travel to Virginia’s gorgeous beaches, camp along the Blue Ridge, or visit family, the last thing you want is to worry about something happening to your...

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What is a Hurricane Deductible and How Do You Know If You Have One?

in hurricane, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, severe weather, coverage, home insurance, comprehensive coverage, home, hurricane prep, deductible, insurance claim Jun 22, 2020

Sticker shock is the last thing you want if you ever have to pick up the pieces after a hurricane. To ensure you’re financially prepared if a hurricane strikes, it's important to know if you have a hurricane deductible, especially if you live in coastal Virginia.                                   Virginia Beach -Hurricane Isabel 2003- Photo: vims.edu     Since 2005, the increasing cost of Atlantic Basin hurricanes has prompted insurance...

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