What's In Your Glove Box? 5 Things You Should Always Have

in virginia car insurance, car service records, car service history May 25, 2022

While there are a few good places to keep essential things in your car- your bag, the console, the door side pockets, a car's glovebox is known for holding the most important things like your registration and car insurance documentation. If you have a car accident or get pulled over by law enforcement, you'll need your driver's license and one of these documents. 

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How to Prevent Mice and the Damage They Can Cause to Your House

in prevent mice in house, preventing mice from entering house, what keeps mice out, how to keep mice out of kitchen, mice problems, mouse damage to house, how mice get in, does insurance cover mice damage, how to prevent mice from chewing ac wires, how to prevent mice in garage, mouse chewing wires May 20, 2022

Mice are super resourceful creatures, and your home offers plenty of resources such as shelter, food, and warmth. They can also cause significant destruction. It's important to be aware of the first signs of a rodent problem to avoid expensive home damage. You may notice chewed boxes or bags of food and pet food products, knawed wood or electrical wiring, the smell of urine, or dark droppings of feces that look like tiny grains of rice along...

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3 Grilling Dangers That May Surprise You

in insider, safety tips, coverage, claim, fire prevention, home maintenance, home insurance, home fire, home inventory, grilling, cooking safety, cookout, Memorial Day, Does home insurance cover grill damage May 4, 2022

May is National Barbecue Month, just in time for Memorial Day celebrations across backyards in the Commonwealth. It's an especially good time to avoid the emergency room, so let's grill safely! You probably have a solid knowledge of basic safety practices if you’re the designated family griller. As most of us know, it’s important to keep kids and pets away from the old barbie and use it outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. But when...

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4 Signs You Should Stop Using Your Deck Today

in homeowner tips, safety tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, diy, home maintenance, home insurance, does home insurance cover home decks?, how mush does it cost to have your deck inspected?, how to tell if your home deck is safe, when should you have your home deck inspected?, why do home decks fall? May 1, 2022

Spring and summer in Virginia are the perfect times to enjoy the outdoors at home. Whether it’s a graduation party, 4th of July cookout, or good old-fashioned family reunion, decks are a popular gathering place for good food and great memories. But happy occasions can be dangerous when a larger than normal crowd put extra stress on a failing deck. In honor of Deck Safety Month, let's take a look at the problem and ways to ensure your deck is...

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Insurance Company Taking Pictures of Your Home? Here's Why

in do insurance companies need photos, why is my insurance company taking pictures, insurance company taking pictures my house, insurance company wants to take pictures, why do insurance companies take house pictures, how to take pictures for insurance companies Apr 27, 2022


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