20 Home Insurance Pictures That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Yikes! This picture looks like a post-apocalyptic scene from a zombie movie. In reality, this was one of our home insurance inspections.  You come across all kinds of scary stuff when you provide Virginia home insurance. We thought you might enjoy seeing a few in the spirit of Halloween.

It also provides an opportunity to talk about important home maintenance. Fall is the perfect time to knock out a few projects, but we don't want your home DIY to become a nightmare! When you need a home repair or decide to renovate, it's essential to always put your safety first and know when to hire a licensed and certified professional. Check for good references rather than hiring spooky strangers who come knocking on your door. We've seen our fair share of home repair and maintenance scenarios that turned a bad dream into a frightening reality, like a fire or the injury of a family member, not to mention an unexpected home claim.

Now- cover your eyes, peak through your fingers, and check out these frightfully entertaining pictures of home projects gone wrong. From neglect to well-intended repairs, one thing is for sure: a little duct tape and a ladder can get folks and their homes into some scary situations! 


1. The Invisible Man



                   📷: Structure Tech

You're looking down into a chimney, and your eyes aren't deceiving you. There's a boot down there. We hope the poor guy who lost it isn't somewhere down there too! Prevent home fires by maintaining your chimney and wood stove cleaned and inspected before the weather gets cold. You don't want to light up something other than wood.






No escape out of this dryer vent! This lint-clogged duct is a serious home fire hazard. Be sure to clean out the lint trap on your dryer after each load and have your dryer exhaust duct to the outside cleaned professionally every year!


3. Ghostbuster's Slime




If you've seen the movie, you might think this ghoul goo came all the way from New York's sewer system. In reality, it's a clogging build-up in a homeowner's A/C condensation drainpipe. If you don't clean this drainage pipe every year, you could end up with some costly interior home water damage. If you have your system serviced annually, make sure the technician takes care of that.


4.  I'm Melting!




This is actually really scary. Some electrical issue is causing this outlet to heat up to the point the plastic cover is melting. What a dangerous fire hazard! Time to turn off the power main and call a reputable electrician.


5. Little Shop of Home Horrors




Feed me, Seymour! This home's gutters were neglected for so long, weeds were able to root and grow tall and healthy. These gutters certainly are NOT going to help this home divert away heavy rain and protect it from flooding. Clean your gutters annually or better yet, hire a pro to do it for you. 


6. Deck of Cards


deckpulled off bytruck1deckpulledoffbytruck2


This deck needed to come down and fast! The homeowner decided to tie the deck to his pickup truck and put the pedal to the metal. But the deck was attached to the house as it should be, so a little more came off than he bargained for. Good thing he had home insurance! By the way, check out 4 signs you should stop using your deck so you're sure it's safe too!


7. The Monster Melter



This poor homeowner forgot to move the grill far enough away from their home's vinyl siding at their last BBQ or put it back too quickly. Either way, they ended up with a home insurance claim. Always grill at least ten feet from your home or any property and keep kids and pets safely away too. We also have a few other scary grilling hazards to watch out for!


8. Medusa



                      📷: Structure Tech

Be sure not to look this plumbing mess in the eye, or you might turn to stone! We're not sure what was going here, but these water lines should be much shorter. This home may not be in danger, but they probably don't have very good water pressure. We can tell you one thing you can do to protect your plumbing before temperatures drop. 


9. Frankenstein's Gutter




Better send Igor to find some spare parts for this home's GUT-ter system! When it rains, it pours, and missing gutter parts leave your home vulnerable to basement flooding and expensive interior water damage. Make sure you've got elbow connected to the downspout, and the downspout connected to the... you get the picture.


10. Creepy Crop Circles in the Attic



                        📷: Structure Tech

Strange things are happening in this homeowner's attic! What does it mean?! We have one idea. There's water leaking in from a faulty roof and wetting the insulation. There's a can light in the ceiling of the room underneath re-drying the insulation. Have your roof inspected annually by a licensed and certified roofing professional. This looks like a mold takeover waiting to happen!


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11. The Mad Scientist 



                     📷: Structure Tech

Oh, look! We found those missing gutter parts! Maybe this saved the homeowner a trip to the hardware store, but it's much smarter to use designated heating ductwork when you're connecting to your return air. We also have some ways you can prepare your home's heat for cold weather.


12. The Levitating Ladder



                    📷: Structure Tech

This ladder's just a tad too short. It's a good idea to measure BEFORE you buy and install your attic ladder. Did you know there are over 500,000 falls from ladders annually, and 97% of those happen at home?  Be sure the ladder you're using is the appropriate length for the job and is securely standing on firm level ground.  Avoid using ladders in high winds or storms and always have a friend or family member spot you. And leave the highest jobs, like roof inspections and repairs to the experts! 


13.  Harry Potter and Nagini




This almost looks like the Hogwarts sewer system with Voldemort's giant slithering viper rather than a homeowner's flooded crawl space. Nothing wrong with the air ducts running under this house, but we see this type of flooding and water damage all the time. What scary stuff is lurking in your gutters?


14. The Electrocution Chamber




We doubt this homeowner is trying to carry out the death penalty in their basement, but this electric DIY job is not only dangerous with its exposed wires, but also a serious home fire hazard. Leave electrical work to a licensed and certified professional. It's just not worth the risk.


15. The Smoking Gun




It wasn't the grill this time that caused this charred home insurance claim, but it was an unattended cigarette. The number one creepy culprit for home fires is unattended cooking, followed by supplemental heating equipment. Keep children, pets, and flammables at least three feet away from fire or heating equipment, and never turn your back on any potential fire hazard around your home! We have a few more tips on fireproofing your home for winter.


16. The (No)Funhouse



                              📷: Structure Tech

We sure hope this homeowner is not having a party on this deck! The floor is bowing like a carnival funhouse because it does not have the proper support. Did you know there are 40 million decks in the United States and approximately half of those are not code compliant? Make sure your deck is safe and was built by the proper building codes for your Virginia locale. 


17. The Phantom Chewer




Forget about termites! It looks like there was a beaver in this attic! Actually, rodents and squirrels are voracious chewers and most likely did this damage. They love to chew wood as well as the plastic insulation around electrical wiring. Electrical wires often lay across wooden beams in an attic, and the exposed wire can overheat and cause a fire. Is your attic trying to tell you something?

We're going to call this next group of pictures from the same house Trilogy of Terror! Let's start with...


18. The Kitchen Floor of No Return




This unfortunate homeowner's claim was just the beginning of a neglectful nightmare. What could have caused a kitchen floor to collapse, you ask? Take a look at the ceiling:


19. It's Alive!


Water coming from somewhere above caused this same homeowner's moldy mayhem. You may wonder if home insurance covers mold. Usually not. Black mold not only is expensive to remove, but it also causes serious health issues! But what is causing it to grow in this house? Read on!


20. R.I.P. Roof




Ahhhh- the roof! We don't even know if this qualifies as a roof anymore, but at one time it was protecting this home from the elements. Your roof is your home's first line of protection! It's so important to have it inspected annually to make sure there are no issues. High winds and hail from severe weather and hurricanes can wreak havoc on your home. Most damage is not this obvious, but this poor roof should have been replaced a long time ago. Then all the other interior damage could have been prevented. Find out if your roof needs to be replaced soon.

We hope you've enjoyed these crazy creepy pictures. Make sure you have good home insurance. Then do that needed fall home maintenance if you safely can, leave the stuff you can't to the pros, and leave the scary to Halloween!

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