20 Home Insurance Pictures That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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Is this a post-apocalyptic scene from a zombie movie? Nope. This is a picture from one of our home insurance inspections. Home insurance claims can also reveal all kinds of scary stuff. What better time of year to share our most chilling home pictures with little dark humor? 

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What’s the #1 Fall Driving Danger if You Live in Virginia?

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Did you know that fall is one of the most dangerous seasons of the year on Virginia highways? DMV said 245 people have been killed in Virginia car crashes to date in 2022. That is up 12% from the same stage in 2021. October experiences the most motor-vehicle fatalities. September and November bring their own unique challenges for Virginia drivers and car insurance.    With summer in the rearview mirror and kids back to school, roadways become...

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Hurricane Preparedness Guide For Virginians

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We know how scary natural disasters can be. From wildfires to excessive rainfall and flooding, the news and forecasts can be a source of worry and uncertainty. Hurricane season can bring its own headlines, especially this year's predictions of peak hurricane season for Virginia. As a Virginia insurer, our company has lived through Atlantic hurricane seasons and insuring homes since 1896.  So we know the peace of mind that comes from being...

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2 Simple Tips To Prepare Trees for Winter

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Do you treasure trees? Their sublime fall colors tell us another summer is ending and old man winter is right around the corner. While trees provide beauty and shade and enhance your home's landscaping, they can also be destructive to your property when a hurricane, tornado, or winter storm threatens Virginia. While home insurance is designed to protect you from costly tree damage, it's smart to do what you can to prevent a claim.  

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How to Prepare Your Car For a Hurricane

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It's essential to prepare your home for a hurricane, but don't forget about your car. It's most likely your second most valuable asset. We'll help you cover the bases before the next big storm or hurricane hits Virginia.

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