The 2021 Hurricane Season: Top 4 Risks For Your Virginia Home

in insider, hurricane, wind damage, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, tornado, hurricane season, severe weather, spring, claim, diy, trees, home maintenance, home insurance, weather, damage, how-to, protection, water damage, home safety tips, tree maintenance May 9, 2021

May is Hurricane Preparedness Month, Virginia! An active season is forecasted for this year as researchers are predicting eighteen named tropical storms between June 1st and November 30th in the Atlantic hurricane basin. Three of those could turn into major hurricanes, category three or higher. Here at NNINS, we never underestimate the possible impact any big storm can have on Virginians, and for good reason. We know from experience it only...

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What Affects Virginia Homeowners Insurance Rates? | Virginia Insurance | NNINS

in May 3, 2021

When shopping for homeowners insurance, the first thing to remember is that homes in Virginia are more likely to get damaged from weather than other states. As an Atlantic coastal state, severe weather and natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and storm surges are common. After weather risks are factored in, there are a bunch of other major influences on home insurance rates. What you pay depends on specifics in your policy, factors...

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What's This Acts of God Clause in My Insurance? | NNINS

in homeowners insurance, home insurance, act of god insurance definition, acts of god insurance, act of god clause insurance Apr 22, 2021

What's an Act of God? Insurance can be so confusing. We get it. There is a boatload of industry terminology. While it is meant to provide clarity and definition for insurance concepts, it can leave you feeling a little lost. We're here to help!

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Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth It? | NNINS

in insider, auto insurance, Virginia, coverage, claim, car insurance, customer service, deductible, insurance claim, service, liability, car crash, saving money, shopping, get a quote, price guide, car insurance companies, pros and cons Apr 21, 2021

You're shopping for car insurance. You want the best price. You see "cheap car insurance" online. A lot. Your newsfeed says, "I just saved $600 on my car insurance," and "15 minutes can save 15%". Sounds great!  What does that get you?  What's a good price for car insurance? Will you have the right coverage when you need it? What happens if you have an accident?  Let's break it down.

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4 Signs You Should Stop Using Your Deck Today | NNINS

in homeowner tips, safety tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, coverage, claim, diy, home maintenance, home insurance Apr 11, 2021

Spring and summer in Virginia are the perfect times to enjoy the outdoors at home. Whether it’s a graduation party, 4th of July cookout, or good old-fashioned family reunion, decks are a popular gathering place for good food and great memories. But happy occasions can turn disastrous when a larger than normal crowd puts more than the usual stress on a failing deck.

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