What is Loss of Use Renters Insurance and How Does it Work?

in loss of use renters insurance, renters insurance loss of use, loss of use coverage renters insurance, rental loss insurance, what does loss of use mean in renters insurance, what does assurant renters insurance cover, Additional Living Expense Coverage, Additional Living Expense Insurance Jul 27, 2022

What is Loss of Use Renters Insurance? Loss of Use Renters Insurance is protection associated with your renters insurance if your rental home becomes uninhabitable from a covered loss. It's sometimes referred to as Additional Living Expense coverage. This protection can come to your rescue if a claim from a covered peril forces you from your home for an extended period. If fire damage in your apartment building prevented you from continuing to...

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Is Your Virginia Home Covered for Flood Damage?

in insider, hurricane, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, severe weather, coverage, home insurance, home, hurricane prep, insurance claim, how-to, protection, house, water damage, home ownership Jul 27, 2022

At NNINS, we know two things: some Virginians are subject to the effects of flooding, and many believe their home is covered for flood damage with their homeowners insurance. The fact is that standard home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Let us explain, clear up any confusion, and help your family be as prepared as possible.

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Does Your College-Bound Child Need Renters Insurance?

in Does my home insurance cover my college student?, off campus insurance coverage, what's covered by renters insurance, renters insurance for college student, dorm insurance Jul 14, 2022

A lot can happen when your kids go away to school - it can even be a little worrisome! Will they get enough sleep? Will they get good grades? Can they live off Ramen and Easy-Mac?  And you may be wondering whether your college-bound child needs a separate insurance policy to cover property and provide liability coverage. The last thing you need to be concerned about is their stuff being stolen or damaged, like that new laptop you just bought....

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Rental Reimbursement Coverage: Is It Worth the Cost?

in rental car insurance, Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?, rental car reimbursement, what is rental reimbursement coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, rental car coverage, how much is rental reimbursement coverage, rental reimbursement coverage worth it, should i get rental reimbursement coverage Jul 14, 2022

How Does Rental Car Insurance Work? Rental Reimbursement Coverage is optional protection you can add to your auto insurance policy. You pay a small amount added to your premium and get reimbursed when renting a replacement vehicle if your personal car is being repaired due to an insurance claim. Coverage only applies when your own insurer is paying for repairs to your car. If another driver is at-fault, their liability insurance will cover the...

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Is Catalytic Converter Theft Covered by Insurance?

in catalytic converter theft, catalytic converter theft prevention, is catalytic converter theft covered by insurance, how to prevent catalytic converter theft, catalytic converter theft protection, why would someone steal catalytic converter, how to tell if your catalytic converter is stolen, catalytic converter theft insurance Jul 1, 2022

  Catalytic Converter Theft in Virginia Car theft has surged by 10%, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), during the pandemic. But the theft of catalytic converters from cars is another story! You may be wondering why someone would steal just a car part. While catalytic converter theft is nothing new, this opportunistic crime has increased by 400% due to supply chain disruption of the valuable metals platinum, palladium, or...

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