5 Ways You Benefit From Using an Independent Insurance Agent

By Nancy B
June 03, 2022
Brad Norris, Independent Agent, Middle Peninsula Insurance – A Towne Insurance Agency

Brad Norris, Independent Agent, Towne Insurance

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Northern Neck Insurance is represented throughout Virginia by a network of independent insurance agents. Independent agents are brokers who are not employed by any specific insurance carrier. Independent agents can sell insurance policies from multiple companies and are paid on commission.

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Can I buy insurance directly from Northern Neck Insurance?

We get the question all the time: why can't I buy an insurance policy directly from you? The short answer is that we know there's more to insurance than grabbing 15-minute quotes.

The longer answer is: it's about your local experience, suited just for you. Our culture is rooted in providing service with a human touch. Independent agents are also our community's hands and feet in your greatest hour of need. 

The Duvalls had a giant tree fall on their Charlotteville home during a storm. Hear their story and how their local agent was there to get them through it.  


We have a bunch of good reasons to sell our insurance products through our independent agent partners throughout Virginia. We're selective about our local agents and believe we have the best partnerships in the state. You can find one for yourself and see the proof! 


Why use an independent insurance agent?

Here are five more reasons to use an insurance agent in your community:

1. Personalized service

Your agent takes the time to listen to your needs and makes sure you have the right coverage at the right price. If you have questions or need advice, they have answers.

2. Local coverage

Feel comfortable finding someone you can trust that agents live, work, play and give back to the same communities you do or close by. You may even have mutual friends or know some of the same people. Plus, when you buy your policy through a local insurance agency, you can feel good that your money is flowing back into your Virginia economy.

3. Personal claims help

When the unexpected happens, rest easy knowing that your local agent is a phone call and a short drive away. Claims can be emergency events that require immediate assistance or temporary housing due to fire or severe weather, severe water damage, or any other structural damage that leaves your home exposed and may displace your family. It's nice to have a local advisor that can guide you through the process.

4. Expert insurance advice 

Think about the professional guidance you need for major financial decisions like retirement, buying a home, or investing. Insurance is complicated and can have just as serious an impact on your financial portfolio. Having personalized insurance can help remove that pressure. An independent insurance agent can be a lifelong advisor for your family and remove the guesswork from tough insurance decisions. Our agents know their stuff and are passionate about helping you understand what coverage you're buying, why it matters, and how it works.

5. A personal shopping and savings experience

An independent insurance agent provides incredible experience benefits like local expertise, claims help, and personalized shopping for the right coverage with the right carrier. Big national carriers may have captive agents, who can only offer you insurance from that one company. An independent agent can offer you insurance from multiple companies. This gives you multiple options, price protection, and just the right fit. That may not be us, and we're okay with that! Your agent can also help save you money by bundling your home insurance, car insurance, and other coverages under one company.

The role of an independent insurance agent is to be there for you, any time.

Ready for a quote.

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