What Trees are Good to Plant Around Your House?

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Fall is the best time of year in Virginia to plant trees around your home. They can create four seasons of amazing curb appeal with their foliage and blooms. But in our many years of home insurance claims, we've seen our share of costly property damage from trees. The good news is that your home insurance can cover the cost of that damage. Check out the experience the Duvalls had with a mature tree at their Charlottesville home.    {%...

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Is Umbrella Insurance Worth it in Virginia?

in umbrella insurance policy, is umbrella insurance worth it, umbrella insurance policies, how much umbrella insurance do i need, umbrella insurance coverage, is umbrella insurance necessary, is umbrella insurance a good idea Mar 4, 2022

Think of umbrella insurance as an extension of liability protection beyond the coverage you get from your home, car, and even renters insurance policies. Think of it as a supplemental policy. Umbrella insurance also can protect you financially in situations outside of the typical coverage you get from your home and car insurance. The policy does not cover your injuries or property damage the way your car and homeowners insurance does but extends...

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How to Prepare For Tornadoes

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Virginia is no stranger to tornadoes. Researchers at Old Dominion University have even identified a primary "Tornado Alley" in eastern and northern Virginia, including Richmond, the Tidewater region, and Northern Virginia. The number of mobile homes in Bedford, Franklin, and Pittsylvania Counties makes those communities a "highest risk" region. Peak months for tornadic activity in the commonwealth are March through May, but tornadoes can also...

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Are Your Gutters Ready for Virginia Weather?

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The weather in Virginia has become wildly unpredictable and severe. From thunder hail and windstorms to balmy 70-degree afternoons, weird weather appears to be the new normal. And there's one thing we can always count on in the commonwealth: rain! Heavy rains can bring significant troubles of their own for homeowners, not just from flooding. Each year, we see hundreds of home insurance claims due to problems with home gutters.

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Is Your Roof Ready for Virginia's Severe Weather Season?

in wind damage, homeowner tips, Virginia, severe weather, hail, spring, how to find a reputable roofing contractor, How Do Hail and Wind Damage Your Home's Roof?, What is a home roof inspection, tornado season, how do wind and hail damage a roof, hurricane season in Virginia Feb 18, 2022

    Severe Weather Is Taking Its Toll on Virginia Homes Wind and hail storms are typical as spring rolls in warmer temperatures through Virginia. They historically result in numerous home insurance damage claims for our members. In March 2017, a storm swept quarter-size hail and powerful wind gusts across central Virginia, leaving significant damage to homes. My family's Stafford home was right in the storm's crosshairs, resulting in a $22,000...

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