STRAIGHT TALK: What's Not Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy?


We processed well over 2000 home claims by this time last year. Extended deep freezing at the beginning of 2018, the CAT wind storm in early March, and a few tornadoes resulted in valuable financial protection for Virginia families. We've covered everything from ruptured pipes and tree damage, to roof repair and replacement




In May of 1924, Virginia had a record breaking 8.68 inches of rain, causing the dam in Saltville, VA to fail and flooding the town of Harper’s Ferry. But how about the crazy amounts of rain we had this past year? In May 2018, we had a whopping 8.81+ inches, setting a new record, and closing schools and flooding homes and roads throughout the state. In fact, nearly 69 inches of rain fell in 2018 in Virginia, making it a record breaking year. Flooding is one of those coverages that is not included in standard homeowner's insurance and needs its own policy. And there are a few more:



 Meet and talk with your local independent agent to be sure you understand what your home insurance policy covers and what it doesn't. You can also find out about your areas risks and be sure you are properly protected.


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