SAFE & SOUND: 3 Grilling Dangers That May Surprise You

in insider, safety tips, coverage, claim, fire prevention, home maintenance, home insurance, home fire, home inventory, grilling, cooking safety, cookout, Memorial Day May 21, 2020

May is National Barbecue Month, just in time for Memorial Day celebrations  across backyards in the Commonwealth while we continue to stay home during the COVID-19 crisis. It's an especially good time to avoid the emergency room, so let's remember to grill safely! You probably have a solid knowledge of basic safety practices if you’re the designated family griller. As most of us know, it’s important to keep kids and pets away from the old...

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How to Travel With Your Pet in The Car

in Virginia, claim, car insurance, distracted driving, crash, accident, driving safety, car seats for dogs, pet car safety, pet seatbelts, dogs, cats May 19, 2020

I have three dogs that love to ride in the car. Whether it's planning a trip to the local pet store, a hike on Government Island, or leaving for vacation, they literally quiver at the question, "Are you ready to go?".

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The Secret to Car Insurance Discounts in Virginia

in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, Virginia, car insurance, home insurance, local agent, renters insurance, penny pincher, discounts May 12, 2020

Who likes to save money? We all do. And you all see those ads by the big insurance companies offering a multitude of car insurance discounts. You respond to those ads; they wouldn't keep making them. Here at NNINS, we couldn't agree more with rewarding our members with lower rates for good driving records, bundled policies, and smart safety equipment. But there's a secret about saving on car insurance in Virginia we think you should know.   

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Virginia Drivers License: What Your Teen Needs to Know

in insider, safety tips, driving, Virginia, family, distracted driving, crash, accident, teen driver, parenting, summer, passengers, provisionallicense, learnerspermit, restrictions, drivingrules May 4, 2020

I trained all three of my kids to drive with the help of Stafford County Public School's driving program. From white-knuckled trips as copilot to watching my kids back out of the driveway by themselves for the first time, there were a few things that I realized teen drivers in Virginia need to know. There are serious challenges on our roads that, when paired with inexperience, can lead to dangerous consequences. Parents must partner with...

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6 Signs Your Tree Might Be About To Fall

in insider, hurricane, wind damage, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, tornado, hurricane season, severe weather, spring, coverage, claim, trees, home insurance, home, hurricane prep Apr 14, 2020

Hurricane-force winds and other severe weather can turn trees into crushing giants to homes and property.  The twisting winds of even an EF1 tornado can quickly transform our lovely oaks and maples into destructive monsters, as we often witness during spring in the Commonwealth.

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