What's Not Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy? | NNINS

in wind damage, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, tornado, severe weather, coverage, trees, home insurance, home inventory, local agent Mar 22, 2021

We processed well over two thousand home claims by this time last year. Extended deep freezing at the wind storms in early March, and a few tornadoes resulted in valuable financial protection for Virginia families. We've covered everything from ruptured pipes and tree damage, to roof repair and replacement. Flooding, however, is one of those coverages that is not included in standard homeowner's insurance and needs its own policy. Here are a...

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Driving at Night Safety Tips

in insider, safety tips, driving, auto insurance, Virginia, crash, accident, roadside assistance, travel, road trip, car, car maintenance, driving safety, how-to, emergency, service, cell phone Mar 11, 2021

When I was a college student, I was traveling home on a rural road late at night when I noticed I was quickly approaching a very slow-moving car. It seemed to be lost or having mechanical issues. I slowed down, but before I knew what happened, the other car came to a screeching stop and I rear-ended it. I was shaken up but relieved it was only a fender bender. Then the doors opened, two men got out, talked briefly, and then headed towards my...

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What's Covered Under a Standard Home Insurance Policy? | NNINS

in homeowners insurance, Virginia, severe weather, coverage, claim, home insurance, liability, home ownership Mar 8, 2021

We had processed well over 1,600 home claims in 2018 by the first of May and hurricane season was on its way. Virginia's extended deep freeze in early January, a CAT wind storm in March and early spring tornadoes resulted in valuable financial protection for Virginia families for everything from tree damage and ruptured pipes to roof repair and replacement. 

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Is Your Virginia Home Covered for Flood Damage?

in insider, hurricane, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, severe weather, coverage, home insurance, home, hurricane prep, insurance claim, how-to, protection, house, water damage, home ownership Mar 3, 2021

At NNINS, we know two things: some Virginians are subject to the effects of flooding and many believe their home is covered for flood damage with their homeowners insurance. The fact is standard home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Let us explain, clear up any confusion, and help your family be as prepared as possible.

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Everything You Need to Know About Potholes in Virginia | NNINS

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It's officially pothole season! As Virginia's fluctuating winter temperatures rise and fall, moisture in our roadways expands and contracts. Add in snow and ice, salt, and the continual passing weight of heavy cars and trucks. By late winter and early spring, that cycle of precipitation and stress result in a bloom of car-eating craters!

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