How Insurance Can Protect You From Financial Loss

By Nancy B
March 31, 2023
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Spending money on insurance might frustrate you. Each time the premium bill is paid, you may compare it to other more enjoyable and tangible purchases, like new clothes or a nice dinner out. It's understandable how it can feel like a big waste of money.

But don't be fooled. Home insurance and car insurance are essential sources of financial protection for your assets and property. One bad car wreck or one hurricane can result in a devastating financial loss without an insurance policy to fall back on. It's the safety net you shouldn't skimp on, hope you don't need, and will be thankful you have if the worst happens.  

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Damage, disasters, and accidents insurance will help cover

Car accidents

When it comes to driving, car insurance is not only required by law but also necessary. According to 2020 statistics, the most expensive average cost of damage for a car crash in 2020 was $20,235 for bodily injury claims. Other less expensive damage resulting in property, collision, and comprehensive insurance claims still averaged between $2,000 and $4700. That's a lot of unexpected money out-of-pocket! Financially anticipating and planning for the everyday unfortunate things that happen in life is smart. So is talking to your local agent about whether or not full coverage car insurance makes sense for you and your family. 

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Home Damage

Owning a home means owning a lot of financial responsibility. Disasters, such as fires, tornados, earthquakes, and severe weather, can cause costly property damage. Weather events are also becoming more frequent and more severe. Standard home insurance can protect you from some of the most common damage, but you may need to purchase extra insurance protection depending on where you live. Things like flood insurance, hurricane coverage, and earthquake protection may not be included in your home insurance policy. Your local agent can make sense of things for your individual situation. Check out our comprehensive home insurance endorsement, including extra protection for things like earthquake damage, sinkhole collapse, and equipment breakdown.

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Property Damage

Your home insurance can protect your stuff inside and outside your home even from things like theft and severe weather when you're traveling. If you're a renter, your landlord should have insurance to cover damage to your home, but it’s up to you to replace your belongings if they’re lost from a fire, flood, theft, or another disaster. Renters insurance is usually very reasonably priced and a no-brainer for most people. Schedule time to chat with your local agent to find out how to best protect your property in your rented home. 

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Why personalized, local insurance is worth the cost

Independent agents take the time to fully assess your actual risks and design coverages to meet your unique needs. We partner with local independent agents for all the good ways you benefit, but also because these insurance experts can sell insurance products for any insurance carrier. Their unbiased help not only saves you money but also buckets of stress when something happens to your home or car. Invest the time to sit down with a local insurance professional. You'll discover the best home and car insurance solutions and have peace of mind about protecting the things that matter most.

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