SAFE & SOUND: Driving Safety Tips from The Women at NNINS


From standstill traffic on I-95 to a leisurely trip along Skyline Drive, navigating Virginia roadways brings its share of both challenges and fun. Hopefully you can avoid roadside troubles for the most part, but we all know things happen and your safety is important to us. 

Our auto insurance pros have seen it all. We process 1000s of auto claims every year and have our own experiences living and driving in the Commonwealth. Have you ever been over Robert Norris bridge that spans the Rappahannock River between Lancaster County and Middlesex County? We use it daily and it's not for the faint of heart! This 2-lane, old truss bridge has short railings, so hold on tight to that steering wheel on a windy day!


Bridges, country roads, city streets or interstates; Virginia's got it all!  Here's our insider's list of essential things the ladies at Northern Neck Insurance do to prevent common problems and stay safe wherever they are headed.


 Lori2A charged phone- Lori, CLaims

I keep it plugged in when I'm driving. It's also a great flashlight in a pinch. There's a free app if your phone doesn't have one built in.










Good tire pressure and EZPass- Dawn, Sales

I check my tires all the time. Especially during times of temperature fluctuations with changing seasons. I also love having VA E-ZPass for tolls. It's fast, safe and saves money.






deniseUp-to-date maintenance- Denise, Accounting

I keep up to date on things like oil changes and tune-ups and never put off taking my car in for that check engine light.







A full tank of gas- Lisa, Marketing

I never go below ½ tank. The hubs or I will gas up my vehicle on Sunday before the work week or I get gas during my lunch break so that I don’t have to stop with my baby in the car.









A travel buddy- Beth with grandkids, Marketing 

I always make sure someone knows where I’m going, when I leave and arrive safely. There are also locator apps, like Life360, that allow my family and friends to keep track of my location and safe arrival and even have crash detection/emergency response features.




Good GPS- Nancy, Marketing

Find your favorite navigation app and don’t deviate from it, especially when you’re driving in unfamiliar areas. I like Waze. I don't let it distract me from driving by taking part in the crowdsourcing. 



A safe place to stop- Avery,Avery_370  Accounting

If I need to pull over, I always choose a well-lit, public area. Also, when I'm meeting friends or family, I try to park close to them and we walk out to our cars as a group.











You can’t always avoid mechanical issues or other circumstances, so have an emergency car kit handy. We recommend a kit stocked with a blanket, bottled water, protein bars, flashlight, extra phone charger, sneakers, window breaker, tire pressure gauge, emergency flares, jumper cables, a first aid kit and pepper spray.

And the smartest thing of all? Be well aware of your surroundings at all times and be familiar with driving hazards in Virginia. We hope our driving essentials help you thwart roadside trouble and keep you safe and sound too!


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