Is Your Attic Trying to Tell You Something?

in insider, homeowner tips, Virginia, hurricane season, diy, home maintenance, fall, home insurance, how do you find leaks in your attic, how much does it cost to have your attic inspected, should you hire an attic professional, what are signs of your roof needs to be replaced, attic ventilation Oct 20, 2021

“Mom! I hear something in the attic!” My daughter’s blood-curdling cry forced me to explore one area of my home that I’d rather avoid: our unfinished attic. The picture below captures my experience best. Let me tell you, it was not pleasant. As it turns out the drama was caused by a mama bird that had chosen our attic as her nesting location through an exhaust vent. By the time we had relocated the feathered family, I was itchy, sweaty, and...

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When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

in insider, homeowner tips, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, diy, cleaning, trees, home maintenance, fall, how do you check your gutters, why do you need gutters?, are gutters important, how do you know your gutters need to be cleaned, how much does it cost to have your gutters cleaned, do gutters work Oct 18, 2021

Before Virginia's peak hurricane season this fall, I noticed rainwater spilling over the edge of my garage gutter. I don't know a ton but enough that rain should flow down and out of my gutters, not over them. Clearly something was wrong. I also have a poorly placed tree that overhangs the same corner of my house and is constantly dropping flowers, twigs, and leaves from summer to the start of winter. It was time to call a professional. 

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20 Home Insurance Pictures That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

in insider, homeowner tips, safety tips, fireplace, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, winter, coverage, claim, rain, diy, fire prevention, cleaning, home heating, home maintenance, fall, local, home insurance, home fire, Air conditioning, HVAC, home, insurance claim, damage, electrical, how-to, grilling, home repair, renovation, house, water damage, plumbing, Chimney Safety, home inspections, Should I hire an electrician, Should I hire a plumber? Oct 14, 2021

Is this a post-apocalyptic scene from a zombie movie? Nope. This is a picture from one of our home insurance inspections.  Home insurance claims can also reveal all kinds of scary stuff. What better time of year to share our most chilling home pictures with little dark humor! 

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What’s the #1 Fall Driving Danger if You Live in Virginia?

in insider, safety tips, driving, report a claim, auto insurance, Virginia, winter, coverage, claim, car insurance, fall, distracted driving, crash, Car accident, roadside assistance, speeding, weather, car, insurance claim, driving safety, drivingrules, texting and driving, pedestrians, protection, deer, How to keep your car insurance rates low, Tips to avoid a deer collision Oct 12, 2021

Did you know that the fall is one of the most dangerous seasons of the year on Virginia highways? In October 2019, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reported 12,568 traffic crashes statewide, which resulted in 86 fatalities and 6,036 injuries, the highest totals for any other month in 2018. September and November bring their own unique challenges for Virginia drivers and car insurance.      With summer in the rearview mirror and kids...

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Is Earthquake Insurance Worth It? The Risk of Earthquakes in Virginia

in insider, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, coverage, local, home insurance, local agent, home, earthquake, earthquake insurance coverage virginia, earthquake in virginia Oct 10, 2021

Do you remember the 5.8 magnitude earthquake on August 23, 2011? It was centered about 38 miles northwest of Richmond in Louisa County. It was felt as far north as Quebec and south as Atlanta, Georgia. Damage was reported as far north as Brooklyn, New York, and Louisa County had an estimated $80.6 million in damages, with $63.8 million from damage to public school buildings and $14.7 million from damage to homes. Most standard homeowners’...

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