How to Add Air to Your Tires

By Nancy B
August 15, 2020

Many things can lead to a change in tire pressure. The change of seasons when temperatures fluctuate is a common time for loss of air pressure. Lack of air pressure in your tires can lead to poor gas mileage and more money spent at the pump. It can also turn into dangerous problems on the road that can impact your car insurance. Low pressure or over-inflated tire issues are much more subtle than most car problems but can lead to sudden blowouts and getting stranded with a flat. 

It's a good idea to check your tire pressure before a road trip or a big storm like a hurricane.  But it's also important to check it as regular maintenance or if you suspect a problem. Slow leaks can be brought on by a pothole or even a nail in your tire.  If a leak is recurring, have your tire checked by a professional. Here's how to check your air pressure and fill your tires.



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