The Secret to Car Insurance Discounts in Virginia

By Nancy B
August 01, 2023

Who likes to save money? We all do. And you all see those ads by the big insurance companies offering a multitude of car insurance discounts. You respond to those ads; they wouldn't keep making them.

Here at NNINS, we couldn't agree more with rewarding our members with lower rates for good driving records, bundled policies, and smart safety equipment. But there's a secret about saving on car insurance in Virginia we think you should know. 


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The Jackpot

There are discounts for military service and upfront premium payments for an entire year. There are savings for defensive driver training, good students, and 'green' cars. Affiliations with schools, teams, and clubs? Are these all gimmicks? Not completely. These types of discounts usually result in nickel and dime savings that take your eyes off the big jackpot in savings when shopping for car insurance: the independent agent.



Think of a local independent agent as your own personal shopper...for car insurance. They have access to a whole network of insurance carriers rather than limiting yourself to one carrier's coverage. They work for you by listening to your insurance needs and searching far and wide for the best options tailored to your individual needs and wallet. And they don't get paid extra for suggesting one over the other. They truly present all the options and help you find your best fit.



We love our loyal members. If you have an older policy and are perfectly happy with your current insurance, an independent agent can still refresh that policy by looking for new savings and loyalty discounts with the similar coverage.

Cutting Costs Shouldn't Mean Cutting Corners

There's a real downside to not using an independent agent. Aside from distracting you with bell and whistle discounts that feel as good as clipping a good coupon, 15 minutes or less can result in a car insurance policy that can leave you in a real lurch in the event of a claim. Understanding the small details of your policy naturally happens when you walk alongside an independent agent. They're experts at spelling it out, so you really know what you're getting and making sure it's the right fit. That's how insurance should be: clear and comforting protection and peace of mind for the future, whatever it holds.


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We invite you to find a local agent in your Virginia community to get great insurance discounts and the best insurance fit for you. 

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