SAFE & SOUND: 4 Simple Ways To Protect Home While You're On Vacation

in insider, homeowner tips, report a claim, Virginia, home maintenance, home insurance, travel, summer, vacation, burglary Jul 5, 2019

Summer is here and that means schools are out and vacations are in! Whether you travel to Virginia’s gorgeous beaches, camp along the Blue Ridge, or head out of state, the last thing you want is to worry about something happening to your home while you’re away.

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How Can I Get My Car Ready For a Trip Today?

in driving, Virginia, car insurance, travel, vacation, road trip, car, car maintenance, checklist May 21, 2019

Are we there yet? A long road trip is about the same for your car as it is for your family: it's a marathon. Making sure it has everything it needs to get you there can give you peace of mind. It also can help you avoid problems on the road.

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Do I Need to Buy Car Rental Insurance?

in Virginia, car insurance, travel, rental car insurance May 18, 2019

When you go to rent a car, you're usually offered a car insurance policy by the rental agency for your rental. And if you're thinking what I'm thinking, you don't want to spend the extra money for the insurance, but at the same time you're worried about something happening. Do you take the gamble?

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SAFE & SOUND: Keeping Kids Safe When The Car Breaks Down

in safety tips, driving, Virginia, family, parenting, roadside assistance, travel, carseat Oct 17, 2018

I still remember the day my car broke down as a young mom, with my three children in the back. It was one of those typical hot-n-steamy Virginia summer days. Trucks and cars were whizzing frightfully close to my minivan on the side of a busy 4-lane road. Fluid was spewing from the engine and I remember thinking- this is really bad. There was no driving to a gas station and no calling for help (this was before everyone carried cell phones-...

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Do Left Lane Tailgaters on The Highway 'Drive' You Crazy?

in safety tips, auto insurance, Virginia, car insurance, distracted driving, travel, speeding Jun 21, 2018


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