What Trees Are Good to Plant Around Your House?

in insider, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, severe weather, spring, trees Sep 22, 2019

Fall is the perfect time of year in Virginia to plant trees around your home. They can create 4 seasons of amazing curb appeal with their foliage and blooms. But in our many years of home insurance claims, we've seen our share of costly property damage from trees. Planning well when it comes to choosing what kind of tree, where to plant it, and the right maintenance, is essential to protecting your home. Take a look at the experience the...

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It’s Getting Hot! Is Your Home A/C Up To The Job?

in insider, homeowner tips, air quality, air filters, Virginia, spring, cleaning, home maintenance, home insurance, Air conditioner, HVAC, summer May 27, 2019

It's hot, it's cold! Virginia’s spring weather can be fickle! But we're getting our first real taste of summer this week and the Commonwealth's notoriously hot, humid weather. You know those temperatures that work our air conditioners on overtime. They can also turn into expensive problems for Virginians and their A/C systems.

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If You Only Clean One Thing in Your Home This Spring, Make It This

in insider, homeowner tips, safety tips, Virginia, spring, diy, fire prevention, cleaning Mar 7, 2019

Who has time to clean? It’s one of those things you try to pump yourself up for by thinking about how great you feel when it’s done. But let's be honest: with work, kids, and nice weather…well, it tends to get pushed to “next weekend”.

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Are Your Gutters Ready for Spring?

in insider, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, flooding, Virginia, severe weather, spring, rain Mar 6, 2019

What's up with our weather? Spring in Virginia has become especially unpredictable and severe. From thunder hail and wind storms to balmy 70-degree afternoons, weird weather appears to be the new normal. But there's one thing we've can always count on during springtime and have already had enough of this past year in the Commonwealth: rain!  And heavy rains can bring significant troubles of their own for homeowners. Each spring, we see...

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Is Your Roof Ready for Virginia's Severe Weather Season?

in wind damage, homeowner tips, Virginia, severe weather, hail, spring Mar 6, 2019

You’re not imagining it. Virginia's weather is getting more severe. Tornadoes and hail storms are common as spring rolls in warmer temperatures.The wind storm and tornadoes that swept through Virginia this spring resulted in numerous home damage claims for our members. Last March, a storm swept quarter size hail and powerful wind gusts across central Virginia leaving significant damage to homes. My family’s home was right in the storm’s cross...

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