Virginia Winter Storm Survival Guide

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Whether you're new to Virginia or lived here for some time, we have some super helpful information to help you prepare and protect your family this winter!

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SAFE & SOUND: 5 Ways to Drive Safely in Snow and Ice (if you must!)

in snow, ice, safety tips, driving Dec 10, 2019

We all know the safest thing to do when snow or ice is in the forecast is to just stay put. But the fact is Virginia’s climate is notoriously fickle. This dangerous mix is a constant possibility during winter and sometimes can't be avoided. And except for our neighbors in southwest VA, most Virginians don't get regular practice. That's why it's important to stay aware of the latest weather updates in the southwest and north and central...

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What's an Ice Dam and What You Should do if You Have One

in homeowner tips, snow, ice Feb 26, 2019

They're pretty and kids love to play with them. But if you've got giant icicles hanging from your roof, it could mean trouble.

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