Will Covid-19 Affect My Virginia Insurance?

in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, Virginia, car insurance, local, home insurance, customer service, roadside assistance, local agent, home, insurance claim, how-to, Covid-19, coronavirus, service Apr 8, 2020

      As our work and lives have been disrupted, NNINS is seeking new ways to serve our members, neighbors and communities. Our hearts go out to everyone who has felt the impact of these difficult times, especially those that have lost the things we look to for stability and comfort: our jobs, being with the friends and family we love so much, and even the devastating loss of a loved one. This is not the time to be worried about your...

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SAFE & SOUND: Driving Safety Tips from The Women at NNINS

in insider, safety tips, driving, Virginia, roadside assistance May 15, 2019

From standstill traffic on I-95 to a leisurely trip along Skyline Drive, navigating Virginia roadways brings its share of both challenges and fun. Hopefully you can avoid roadside troubles for the most part, but we all know things happen and your safety is important to us. 

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SAFE & SOUND: Keeping Kids Safe When The Car Breaks Down

in safety tips, driving, Virginia, family, parenting, roadside assistance, travel, carseat Oct 17, 2018

I still remember the day my car broke down as a young mom, with my three children in the back. It was one of those typical hot-n-steamy Virginia summer days. Trucks and cars were whizzing frightfully close to my minivan on the side of a busy 4-lane road. Fluid was spewing from the engine and I remember thinking- this is really bad. There was no driving to a gas station and no calling for help (this was before everyone carried cell phones-...

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