How to Save On Gas in Virginia

in insider, driving, Virginia, travel, summer, vacation, road trip, checklist, travel delays, saving money, Ways to save money on gas, gas prices in Virginia, save money on gas Jun 10, 2021

Despite the end of the cyberattack on one of the largest fuel pipeline operators on the east coast, Colonial Pipeline, gas prices in Virginia remain stubbornly high. Virginians are joining other states, ready to get out of the house and start traveling again. The summer driving season is underway. Additionally, economic conditions are right for a growth in demand. What does it all mean?  Gas prices are about $1.11/gallon higher than this time...

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Driving at Night Safety Tips

in insider, safety tips, driving, auto insurance, Virginia, crash, Car accident, roadside assistance, travel, road trip, car, car maintenance, driving safety, how-to, emergency, service, cell phone Mar 11, 2021

When I was a college student, I was traveling home on a rural road late at night when I noticed I was quickly approaching a very slow-moving car. It seemed to be lost or having mechanical issues. I slowed down, but before I knew what happened, the other car came to a screeching stop and I rear-ended it. I was shaken up but relieved it was only a fender bender. Then the doors opened, two men got out, talked briefly, and then headed towards my...

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How to Add Air to Your Tires | NNINS

in driving, diy, crash, Car accident, roadside assistance, travel, road trip, car, car maintenance, driving safety, air pressure, tires, tire pressure Aug 15, 2020

Many things can lead to a change in tire pressure. The change of seasons when temperatures fluctuate is a common time for loss of air pressure. Lack of air pressure in your tires can lead to poor gas mileage and more money spent at the pump. It can also turn into dangerous problems on the road that can impact your car insurance. Low pressure or over-inflated tire issues are much more subtle than most car problems but can lead to sudden...

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How Can I Get My Car Ready For a Trip in One Day?

in driving, Virginia, car insurance, travel, vacation, road trip, car, car maintenance, checklist May 21, 2019

Are we there yet? A long road trip is about the same for your car as it is for your family: it's a marathon. Making sure it has everything it needs to get you there can give you peace of mind. It also can help you avoid problems on the road.

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