1.7M More Airbags Recalled –  What This Mom Found Out And Virginians Need to Know

in auto insurance, Virginia, Takata, recall Feb 28, 2019

I'm a Social Media Specialist at NNINS and a wife and mother here in Virginia. We have five cars in our family- me, my husband, and three driving kids- two in college, and one just graduated with her master's degree and is taking the world by storm!

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SAFE & SOUND: Can I Use My Child's Car Seat After an Accident?

in driving, auto insurance, Virginia, recall, car insurance, crash, accident, parenting, carseat, car seat, child car seat Aug 8, 2018

I remember having an accident on I-95 south with my minivan. I had three child car seats and lots of advice on what to do with them afterwards. The car seats seemed to be fine and it was just a fender bender, but my sister and a few of my play group friends said it’s always best to just replace them. In fact, the car seat manufacturer recommended replacing any car seat that had been in a collision. It’s the better safe than sorry rule. But I...

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