STRAIGHT TALK: Should You Insure Your College Kid's Stuff When They're Away At School?

in homeowners insurance, Virginia, coverage, home insurance, parenting, renters insurance, college Aug 1, 2019

A lot can happen when your kids go away to school - it can even be a little worrisome! Will they get enough sleep? Will they get good grades? Can they live off Ramen and Easy-Mac?  The last thing you need to be concerned about is their stuff being stolen or damaged, like that new laptop you just bought. And having insurance coverage in case they accidentally cause damage to their living space is important too. Often times, your homeowner's...

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Happy Parents' Day, Virginia!

in insider, Virginia, family, parenting Jul 26, 2019

In May we celebrated moms and in June we celebrated dads. On July 28, we get to celebrate appreciation for parents all at once and why not? Parents play such a vital role in the lives of children. From the day children are born, you are protectors, teachers, providers and role models. And families are the core of Virginia communities we share.

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Do You Enforce Virginia Passenger Restrictions With Your Teen Driver?

in insider, safety tips, driving, Virginia, family, distracted driving, crash, accident, teen driver, parenting, summer May 22, 2019

My husband and I trained all three of our kids to drive with the help of Stafford County Public School's driving program. From white-knuckled trips as copilot to watching our kids back out of the driveway by themselves for the first time, I don't think anything was as challenging as enforcing provisional license passenger restrictions. And nothing as dangerous if we didn't.

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SAFE & SOUND: Keeping Kids Safe When The Car Breaks Down

in safety tips, driving, Virginia, family, parenting, roadside assistance, travel, carseat Oct 17, 2018

I still remember the day my car broke down as a young mom, with my three children in the back. It was one of those typical hot-n-steamy Virginia summer days. Trucks and cars were whizzing frightfully close to my minivan on the side of a busy 4-lane road. Fluid was spewing from the engine and I remember thinking- this is really bad. There was no driving to a gas station and no calling for help (this was before everyone carried cell phones-...

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SAFE & SOUND: The Cost of Cyber Bullying

in safety tips, cyber security, Virginia, coverage, family, parenting, cyber crime, cyber bullying Sep 12, 2018

I’ve always thought of our home as a refuge for our kids. A place where they could come at the end of the day to unwind, feel loved, and most of all, feel safe. And for the most part it still is. But as my kids get older, social media tags right along through the front door.

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