Fall Means Peak Hurricane Season For Virginia

in wind damage, homeowner tips, safety tips, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, severe weather, coverage, car insurance, home maintenance, fall, home insurance, home inventory, local agent, weather, home, hurricane prep Aug 8, 2019

Peak hurricane season is at our doorstep, Virginia! August 15th to Sept 20th is when we see some of our most active weather in the tropics. September 10th statistically marks the height of Atlantic hurricane season. NOAA has just updated their forecast from normal tropical activity to above-normal for the 2019 season because El Nino has now ended. Experts are now predicting up to 10-17 named tropical storms for the Atlantic hurricane basin....

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Are Earthquakes Covered by my Home Insurance?

in insider, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, coverage, local, home insurance, local agent, home, earthquake Jul 10, 2019

California's recent 7. 1  earthquake was a sharp reminder that we live in an uncertain world with changing weather patterns and natural disasters.  Virginia may not be California, but it's also not immune to seismic activity. And a standard homeowners’ policy will not cover earthquake damage. Unless you have specific earthquake coverage, homeowners are responsible for all costs to repair, rebuild or replace homes and personal property.

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It's Insurance Awareness Day!

in homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, Virginia, coverage, home insurance, home inventory, local agent Jun 28, 2018

There's a day for everything now, right?! June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day and we may a little bit bias, but this one is actually quite important. It was created to remind people to have an annual insurance check up. Life happens and things change, and those changes can have a real impact on your insurance needs. You may be underinsured or you may even be able to save a little money. The key is to make sure your protected from...

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STRAIGHT TALK: What's Not Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy?

in wind damage, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, tornado, severe weather, coverage, trees, home insurance, home inventory, local agent Jun 20, 2018

We processed well over 2000 home claims by this time last year. Extended deep freezing at the beginning of 2018, the CAT wind storm in early March, and a few tornadoes resulted in valuable financial protection for Virginia families. We've covered everything from ruptured pipes and tree damage, to roof repair and replacement.   

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