Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth It? | NNINS

in insider, auto insurance, Virginia, coverage, claim, car insurance, customer service, deductible, insurance claim, service, liability, car crash, saving money, shopping safety, get a quote, price guide, car insurance companies Apr 21, 2021

You're shopping for car insurance. You want the best price. You see "cheap car insurance" online. A lot. Your newsfeed says, "I just saved $600 on my car insurance," and "15 minutes can save 15%". Sounds great!  What does that get you?  What's a good price for car insurance? Will you have the right coverage when you need it? What happens if you have an accident?  Let's break it down.

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What's Covered Under a Standard Home Insurance Policy? | NNINS

in homeowners insurance, Virginia, severe weather, coverage, claim, home insurance, liability, home ownership Mar 8, 2021

We had processed well over 1,600 home claims in 2018 by the first of May and hurricane season was on its way. Virginia's extended deep freeze in early January, a CAT wind storm in March and early spring tornadoes resulted in valuable financial protection for Virginia families for everything from tree damage and ruptured pipes to roof repair and replacement. 

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Is Renters Insurance Required in Virginia? | NNINS

in insider, Virginia, home fire, renters insurance, damage, money, liability, protection, renting, apartment, house, theft Jul 15, 2020

You do not have to have renters insurance by law in Virginia. But you will find many landlords require it when you sign a new lease. Even if they don't, consider the advantages of renters insurance. Every dollar counts, which is why renters insurance should be a no-brainer for most people. For pennies a day, you are protecting yourself against theft, fire, and liability losses that could quickly run into the thousands of dollars.

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