Does the Housing Market Impact Homeowners Insurance?

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When will Virginia's housing market cool down? Who knows. We're seeing and hearing all kinds of things buyers are doing to get the home they want! If you have FOMO and are still in the market for a new home in VA, there are a few things you should know that may impact your home insurance. The last thing you want to do is have major regrets with such a major life investment. 

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Should You Buy a Home As Is in Virginia?

in insider, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, home insurance, checklist, home repair, renovation, home inspections, home inspection checklist, home inspection cost, does FHA require a home inspection, should I waive home inspection, home buying May 26, 2021

Virginia's housing market has been heating up along with summer temperatures.  With lots of buyers and too few homes, demand is high, and prices are higher. If you're house hunting right now, navigating this hot market is not for the faint of heart or the uninformed. If you've come across an "as-is" house for sale and think you've found your own sweet fixer-upper, read this first, and then go find a seasoned Virginia realtor with good...

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How to Handle a Virginia Home Inspection in a Seller's Market

in Virginia, how-to, home ownership, home inspections, home inspection checklist, home inspection cost, what home inspections look for, waiving home inspection, buying a house, house hunting, shopping for a new home in Virginia Apr 26, 2021

Virginia's post-pandemic real estate market has many buyers but few houses, thanks to historically low interest rates. It's not only driving home prices up, but it's also creating a frenzied market of quick sales and haphazard deals. Sellers are getting multiple offers above the asking price. Maybe you're wondering if you should buy a house "as-is". While it's easy to get caught up in fear of missing out on a home, it's never good to make a...

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20 Home Insurance Pictures That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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Yikes! This picture looks like a post-apocalyptic scene from a zombie movie. In reality, this was one of our home insurance inspections.  You come across all kinds of scary stuff when you provide Virginia home insurance. We thought you might enjoy seeing a few in the spirit of Halloween.

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