How and Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Virginia

in homeowner tips, fireplace, Virginia, fire prevention, local, home fire, holidays, damage, environment, farming, recycle, Christmas, tree Dec 26, 2019

Cover picture by (Spencer R. Layne/U.S. Navy)   If you have a fresh Christmas tree that needs to be disposed of, we've got resources. There are plenty of sustainable, green cleaning ways to put your tree to good use rather than putting it in the local landfill. Just remember it's important to do it promptly rather than leave it sitting in or outside your house. Dry Christmas trees can quickly become a fire hazard and can even burn faster than...

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Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees: Which is Better?

in homeowner tips, safety tips, fireplace, wood stoves, electric heaters, Virginia, fire prevention, home heating, local, home fire, holidays, home, environment, farming, allergies Nov 25, 2019

I'll never forget our first Christmas together. My husband's family was coming to visit for the holidays from the west coast and he wanted everything to be perfect right down to the Christmas tree. The fresh smell of balsam from a perfectly shaped beautiful evergreen.  And it went about as well as this clip from the Christmas Vacation movie...

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20 Home Inspection Pictures That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

in insider, homeowner tips, safety tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, claim, diy, fire prevention, cleaning, home heating, home maintenance, fall, local, home insurance, home fire Oct 3, 2019

Yikes! This picture looks like a post-apocalyptic scene from a zombie movie.

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SAFE & SOUND: 3 Grilling Dangers That May Surprise You

in insider, safety tips, coverage, claim, fire prevention, home maintenance, home insurance, home fire, home inventory May 17, 2019

May is National Barbecue Month, just in time for Memorial Day celebrations across backyards in the Commonwealth. You probably have a solid knowledge of basic safety practices if you’re the designated family griller. Like most of us know it’s important to keep kids and pets away from the old barbie and to only use it outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. But when you've been insuring Virginia homes since 1896, you can imagine we've seen...

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Why You Need a Home Inventory and Easy Ways To Get It Done

in homeowner tips, Virginia, severe weather, claim, diy, home insurance, home fire, home inventory Jan 16, 2019

In my kitchen, on a piece of dated paper stuck in an old cookbook, I have my Grami's handwritten family recipe for "chruscikis". Around the holidays, she would make these feather light, crispy pastry bows sprinkled with powdered sugary goodness for our family to enjoy. This sweet artifact serves as a time capsule of childhood memories spent with my great grandmother. She didn't have a lot, but our time was always full of laughter, love and...

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