Fall Means Peak Hurricane Season For Virginia

in wind damage, homeowner tips, safety tips, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, severe weather, coverage, car insurance, home maintenance, fall, home insurance, home inventory, local agent, weather, home, hurricane prep Aug 8, 2019

Peak hurricane season is at our doorstep, Virginia! August 15th to Sept 20th is when we see some of our most active weather in the tropics. September 10th statistically marks the height of Atlantic hurricane season. NOAA has just updated their forecast from normal tropical activity to above-normal for the 2019 season because El Nino has now ended. Experts are now predicting up to 10-17 named tropical storms for the Atlantic hurricane basin....

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Got Mold? We Have a Simple Solution

in insider, homeowner tips, air quality, homeowners insurance, Virginia, diy, cleaning, home insurance, summer, weather, home Jul 12, 2019

Virginia weather is anything but predictable. But this time of year, it’s reliably hot and sticky! Heat and humidity are really uncomfortable and make your A/C work twice as hard. But the mold it invites into your home is the bigger villain of this mischievous moisture that plagues Virginia summers. Many types of mold naturally play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter, such as fallen leaves and dead trees. But indoors,...

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Are Earthquakes Covered by my Home Insurance?

in insider, homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, Virginia, coverage, local, home insurance, local agent, home, earthquake Jul 10, 2019

California's recent 7. 1  earthquake was a sharp reminder that we live in an uncertain world with changing weather patterns and natural disasters.  Virginia may not be California, but it's also not immune to seismic activity. And a standard homeowners’ policy will not cover earthquake damage. Unless you have specific earthquake coverage, homeowners are responsible for all costs to repair, rebuild or replace homes and personal property.

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SAFE & SOUND: How to Make a Good Home Hurricane Kit

in homeowner tips, Virginia, hurricane season, family, home, power outage, hurricane prep Jun 1, 2019

It's hard to believe Puerto Rico still struggles in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Even though this nearly category 5 hurricane hit the island in September of 2017, some residents there still do not have access to power or clean water. Can you imagine?

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2 Big Insurance Questions for Virginia Homeowners

in insider, homeowners insurance, Virginia, coverage, home insurance, moving, summer, home Jun 1, 2019

Summer is the time for families across the country to jump on the opportunity to sell their current home and find the next perfect fit. Virginia is no exception. With home values improving and mortgage rates currently hovering around 4.25% for all of 2019, buyers are jumping off the fence and into the buying market. Some areas of Northern Virginia have seen new home sales double since 2015. Homeownership is returning as one of the best...

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