How to Turn off Your Home's Main Water Valve

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If you've got water leaking in your home, you need answers quick! Turn off your water supply as soon as you notice a leak to avoid major damage, no matter how minor. Stopping the water from the right source depends on the location of the leak. 

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What To Do First If You Have a Frozen Pipe

in homeowner tips, homeowners insurance, flooding, Virginia, winter, severe weather, home maintenance, cold weather, insurance claim, emergency, home repair, water damage, plumbing, arctic freeze, help Jan 2, 2019

Do you remember Virginia's extended arctic freeze in 2019? Those frigid January temperatures resulted in over two hundred NNINS home insurance claims from frozen and burst pipes. The most common symptom of a frozen pipe is the absence of water or less water flowing when you turn on your faucet. You want to take action quickly to try to save your pipe from bursting. First, locate your water main. You'll need to know how to turn off your home's...

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