Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth It? | NNINS

in insider, auto insurance, Virginia, coverage, claim, car insurance, customer service, deductible, insurance claim, service, liability, car crash, saving money, shopping safety, get a quote, price guide, car insurance companies Apr 21, 2021

You're shopping for car insurance. You want the best price. You see "cheap car insurance" online. A lot. Your newsfeed says, "I just saved $600 on my car insurance," and "15 minutes can save 15%". Sounds great!  What does that get you?  What's a good price for car insurance? Will you have the right coverage when you need it? What happens if you have an accident?  Let's break it down.

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Is Jewelry Covered By Your Home Insurance?

in insider, report a claim, homeowners insurance, coverage, claim, home insurance, home inventory, holidays, deductible, insurance claim, how-to, protection, gift, engagement, getting married Jan 25, 2021

My sister noticed the solitaire diamond stone was missing from the setting of her wedding ring. She had no idea where she lost it or even how long it had been gone. After searching everywhere she could possibly imagine with no luck, and feeling pretty heartbroken, she decided she would have to file an insurance claim to replace it.  Questions were running through her head. "Will this be covered by my home insurance?"  "How much will I get?"  ...

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What is a Hurricane Deductible and How Do You Know If You Have One?

in hurricane, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance, flooding, Virginia, hurricane season, severe weather, coverage, home insurance, comprehensive coverage, home, hurricane prep, deductible, insurance claim Jun 22, 2020

Sticker shock is the last thing you want if you ever have to pick up the pieces after a hurricane. To ensure you’re financially prepared if a hurricane strikes, it's important to know if you have a hurricane deductible, especially if you live in coastal Virginia.                                   Virginia Beach -Hurricane Isabel 2003- Photo:     Since 2005, the increasing cost of Atlantic Basin hurricanes has prompted insurance...

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