Protecting My Identity: Does My Insurance Cover That?

in cyber security, cyber insurance, insurance claim, credit card fraud, identity theft, cybercrime, cyberbullying, identity theft protection Aug 25, 2021

A new report by the Aite group reflects a 42% increase in identity theft in 2020, jumping in losses of over $502 billion in 2019 to over $712 billion. The pandemic caused a shift in banking behaviors and, consequently, higher trends in new account fraud and account takeover fraud. Cyber thieves are getting smarter and faster at deceiving consumers, with identity theft at the top of the most reported forms of cybercrime.

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How to Prevent Cyber Attacks | NNINS

in cyber security, coverage, cyber insurance, how-to, phishing, protection, How to prevent hacking, How to avoid hacking, hack protection, identity theft, cybercrime, cyberbullying, cyber theft, identity theft protection Jun 4, 2021

If you're concerned about the constant flow of outrageous breaking news reports about cybercrime, we are too. As the fastest-growing criminal activity in the U.S., cybercrime is wreaking havoc by maliciously disabling and damaging computers, breaching systems to mine personal data, gaining unauthorized access to networks, and even disrupting global production.

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SAFE & SOUND: Protect Yourself From Skimming at Virginia Gas Pumps and ATMS

in insider, safety tips, cyber security, Virginia, family, skimming in Virginia, cyber insurance May 1, 2019

Skimming devices capture data from your bank or credit card when you use them, especially at out-of-the-way ATMs, gas pumps, and self-checkout machines, where a scammer can install the skimming device without being seen. It's a small device that attaches to a card reader allowing a thief to illegally collect the card information of unknowing payers. Machines are altered slightly, but often not enough to alert the average consumer. Fairfax...

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SAFE & SOUND: The Cost of Cyber Bullying

in safety tips, cyber security, Virginia, coverage, family, parenting Sep 12, 2018

I’ve always thought of our home as a refuge for our kids. A place where they could come at the end of the day to unwind, feel loved, and most of all, feel safe. And for the most part it still is. But as my kids get older, social media tags right along through the front door.

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