Hurricane and Home and Car Insurance FAQS

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Do you have a question about your insurance coverage or a claim related to hurricanes? While this article will provide some general answers to frequently asked questions, it's important to remember that every policy is different based on individual choices for coverage. If you have a question about your home insurance or car insurance coverage, call your independent agent or contact us. We're happy to assist you. We want to encourage everyone...

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Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth It? | NNINS

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You're shopping for car insurance. You want the best price. You see "cheap car insurance" online. A lot. Your newsfeed says, "I just saved $600 on my car insurance," and "15 minutes can save 15%". Sounds great!  What does that get you?  What's a good price for car insurance? Will you have the right coverage when you need it? What happens if you have an accident?  Let's break it down.

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How to Prepare Your Car For a Hurricane | NNINS

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It's essential to prepare your home for a hurricane, but don't forget about your car. It's most likely your second most expensive asset. We'll help you cover the bases in case a big storm hits Virginia.

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Will Covid-19 Affect My Virginia Insurance?

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      As our work and lives have been disrupted, NNINS is seeking new ways to serve our members, neighbors and communities. Our hearts go out to everyone who has felt the impact of these difficult times, especially those that have lost the things we look to for stability and comfort: our jobs, being with the friends and family we love so much, and even the devastating loss of a loved one. This is not the time to be worried about your...

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We specialize in insurance for Virginians. And we get it. Insurance can be confusing. We hope to change that with our new video series Straight Talk.   

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