STRAIGHT TALK: What Is Collision Car Insurance?

in driving, auto insurance, Virginia, coverage, car insurance, crash, accident Jul 31, 2018

When you go to find the right car insurance, the different options can be really confusing. You want to save money and have peace of mind. We can help by providing simple explanations of the different coverages of car insurance like comprehensive.

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Do Left Lane Slowpokes on The Highway Drive You Crazy?

in driving, auto insurance, Virginia, car insurance, distracted driving, crash, accident, travel, speeding Jun 21, 2018

Is this you? The traffic slow down finally let up! You’re cruising on I-95 up the left lane at a pretty good clip. Until you approach another car from behind going much slower. You flash your lights, honk your horn. This is the fast lane! Don’t they know they should stay to the right if they’re going to drive that slow? What the heck?! And then there’s that, ahem…gesture.

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SAFE & SOUND: How to Prepare Your Teen Driver For

in insider, safety tips, driving, report a claim, auto insurance, Virginia, claim, car insurance, family, crash, accident, teen driver, parenting May 1, 2018

  Chances are your teen would be shaken and struggle to know what to do first. Experiencing an accident, even a fender bender, can be pretty scary for a new driver. Teaching them what to do and how to carefully navigate the aftermath will not only empower them but it's part of becoming a responsible driver in Virginia. Here at NNINS, we also know how important it is for their safety. 

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