Virginia Winter Storm Survival Guide

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Whether you're new to Virginia or lived here for some time, we have some super helpful information to help you prepare and protect your family this winter!

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SAFE & SOUND: Extra Heat in Your Virginia Home

in homeowner tips, carbon monoxide, fireplace, wood stoves, electric heaters Nov 14, 2019

Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Who's thankful for extra heat from fireplaces, wood stoves, and electric heaters? And fireplaces and woodstoves are positively essential if there’s a winter power outage!  So it’s no coincidence that almost half of all home fires occur in December, January, and February. Stationary or portable space heaters pose a significant fire hazard and 86% of home heating fire deaths. Even a small chimney fire can have a costly impact;...

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How To Fireproof Your Virginia Home This Winter

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Virginia is said to have a “goldilocks climate”- not too hot, not too cold. We're not sure if this is true anymore.  According to the Baltimore office of the National Weather Service, Virginia set a new heat record this October for 96 degrees! Thank goodness it's feeling more like fall now. But not for long. The Farmers' Almanac predicts a wintery ride of highs and extreme lows deemed a "Polar Coaster". Your home needs to be safe and snug!   

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Our Simple Checklist Can Keep Your Virginia Fireplace Safe All Winter Long

in homeowner tips, safety tips, carbon monoxide, fireplace, wood stoves, Virginia, winter, fire prevention, cleaning, home heating, home maintenance, cold weather Jan 1, 2019

Hello winter! Today marks the first day of our coldest season.Thank goodness for fireplaces and wood stoves! If you’re looking into getting one, correct installation by a licensed and certified pro is key.If you already have one, we’re sharing our NNINS expert experience on how to maintain it and protect your home. We've seen first hand what can go wrong.  Heating heroes like fireplaces and wood stoves can become real home fire hazards when...

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Introducing Our New Blog: Virginia Home Maintenance- Made Simple

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Who doesn’t love fall in Virginia? The kiddos are back to school, pumpkins don our front porches and the weather is changing the foliage to gorgeous! It’s also a busy time of year for families, and to add to it, our homes need attention before colder weather arrives, like our fireplaces and wood stoves. Everyone wants a warm and safe nest for winter and good air quality too! And what about a nice cool refuge in the heat of a Virginia summer?

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