Moving to Virginia? Here Are Tips, Tricks, and Reminders for A Smooth Move

By Nancy B
May 31, 2023


Moving can be a stressful process. Whether you're staying in Virginia, moving into Virginia, or even moving out of Virginia, we have helpful information to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Welcome to the Mother of States!

Virginia is a great place to live and there are tons of things to do. You're going to love it here. From getting your car registered in VA to making sure your valuables are protected during your move, we want to help. There's a lot you can do to learn about living in Virginia. 

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How to plan for moving to Virginia

Moving to Virginia checklist

Research & hire reliable movers

  • Make sure they are a legal and bona fide moving company registered with DMV.
  • Ensure they have a physical address and phone number on their website.
  • Check for a  federal motor carrier number.
  • They should have good references.
  • Make sure they offer valuation and VA DMV cargo insurance.
  • They should have reasonable rates, but don't go with the cheapest!

When you pack, use the following:

  • Color-coded tape on boxes
  • Clothing to wrap fragile items
  • Trash bags for overhanging clothes
  • Suitcases as moving boxes
  • Socks to cover wine glasses and small breakables
  • A box cutter to create handles for your boxes
  • A “day of” box with items you’ll need first, like medications and toilet paper

Handy reminders:

  • Have cash to tip movers.
  • Forward mail and change your address with online accounts.
  • Give your neighbors your propane tank.
  • Plan to secure pets and have ID tags on for moving day.
  • Don’t move hangry - plan simple meals for your moving week.
  • Stay aware of the weather.
  • Secure important documents with you on moving day.
  • Exchange cell numbers with your mover.
  • Make one last sweep & secure your home before you leave.

Want to find out more about home insurance in Virginia? We're local and always ready to help!

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