Introducing Our New Blog: Virginia Home Maintenance- Made Simple


Who doesn’t love fall in Virginia? The kiddos are back to school, pumpkins don our front porches and the weather is changing the foliage to gorgeous! It’s also a busy time of year for families, and to add to it, our homes need attention before colder weather arrives, like our fireplaces and wood stoves. Everyone wants a warm and safe nest for winter and good air quality too! And what about a nice cool refuge in the heat of a Virginia summer?

Here at Northern Neck Insurance, we take seasonal maintenance seriously because we know too well what happens if when it's neglected. We only insure Virginians, tens of thousands of them in fact, so we see exactly what can go wrong with local homes. We also get that home maintenance isn’t exactly everyone’s thing! So here’s how we can help.

We want to show you SIMPLE ways to protect and preserve your home.

So we’ve set out to share the most important things you can do now and throughout the year.  Don’t worry, we’re not looking to fill up to your to-do list! Instead, we’re going to focus on a handful of the most important things you can do each season to make your home safe and sound. Winter can mean frozen pipes and ice dams on your gutters. Better advice, in less time. We’ll use this blog to share insights from our team of experts! That’s our commitment to you.




To get started, it's important to introduce you to “the destructive duo.” No, not the two ladies above. That's Sam and Tina- they'll pick up the phone when you call. The two major damaging culprits to Virginia homes are: WIND and WATER, so your roof and gutters need to be ready. It’s no coincidence that it’s also peak Atlantic hurricane season through the end of October. We're are experiencing some wild weather in Virginia these days and wind has nudged ahead as the most common cause of weather related damage to homes, especially from trees. Who had ever heard of a wind event called a derecho in Virginia before a few years ago? Its partner in crime, water, holds a close second place for causing costly problems. More to come!

Our goal to to preserve and protect what matters most to you. We hope our blog helps.  That way your family can all get out there and enjoy all the amazing fall festivities Virginia has to offer.